Bhavana Bamboo Tumbler - Peace

  • Bhavana Bamboo Tumbler - Peace
  • Bhavana Bamboo Tumbler - Peace
  • Bhavana Bamboo Tumbler - Peace
  • Bhavana Bamboo Tumbler - Peace

Premium Insulated Bamboo Tumbler - Peace

Holds 530ml/17.9oz

An Invitation To Surrender to the Peace Within

Our beautifully crafted, all natural, PEACE bamboo water bottle equip with a removable stainless steel infuser that can be used for making the perfect brew of herbal tea or fruit infused water. This unique bamboo water bottle is laser etched with the word PEACE paired with a beautiful hamsa design.

We hope this bottle serves as a simple reminder to slow your breath, honor the stillness within and feel the boundless love and light that surrounds you.

Our Inspire Collection is our premium collection featuring our largest size tumbler. Each bottle is thoughtfully engraved with eye-catching designs and provide a high quality drinking vessel to serve all your hydration needs.

Natural Bamboo Exterior

Our high capacity tumblers are made of 100% Organic Bamboo, giving them a unique and stylish look.

Stainless Steel Interior

High quality vacuum sealed stainless steel interior makes cleaning a breeze while keeping liquids HOT & COLD all day long.

Removable Tea Infuser

Every bottle includes removable stainless steel infuser basket for making loose leaf tea, fruit infuser water bottle or drip coffee.

Perfect for Every Adventure

Each Bhavana Bottle is lines with high grade stainless steel to keep your liquids PIPING HOT or ICY COLD all day long! Now you can enjoy your favorite hot and cold beverages with you wherever you go!

Eye Catching Bamboo Laser Engraved Designs

Each bottle is laser engraved with a captivating design that is sure to get your compliments!

A Water Bottle That Gives Back

We donate 3% of all sales to sales to charity focused on water projects that provide clean water solutions to millions of people around the globe in need.