Dalcini 10 Piece Set - 2 LunchBox, 2 Little Snackers, 2 Round Snack Sets


Looking to buy DALCINI™ Stainless containers for your child's lunch, but not sure what to get?  We've put together this 10-piece starter set to help you out. It comes with two of each container so you always have a clean set!

2x Lunchbox - This compact rectangular size fits a sandwich with 1-2 sides or a wide assortment of snacks (silicone cups shown in image not included)

2x Little Snacker - This container can be used on its own or place it inside the Lunchbox for a compact, one container meal

2x Round Snackers - This nesting set of 3 snack size containers is a great addition to any lunch bag.  Fill them with fruit, crackers, cheese or nuts.  

*Please note these containers are leak-proof, not liquid-proof, meaning they will securely hold fruits, vegetables, cheese etc, but are not designed for soup.