Zippy Jamz - Galazy Love Navy

  • Zippy Jamz - Galazy Love Navy
  • Zippy Jamz - Galazy Love Navy

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Zippy Jams transforms how parents think about diaper changing. With its patent-pending, this two zipper sleeper eliminates parents having to struggle with snaps, allowing them to change their baby’s diaper without completely undressing them. 

Zippy Jamz’s unique premium sleeper design combines two zippers in a single garment. The first, along the front that allows for dressing easy. The second, along the inseam that makes diaper changing convenient.

  • Babies stay warm, covered and in a sleep state
  • Fully lined zippers won't pinch or irritate baby's skin
  • Easy to zip and unzip even if your baby is rolling, kicking or crawling away
  • Zippy Jamz allow parents and babies get better and longer sleep!


  • Material 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified Cotton
  • Zippers YKK zippers for ease of use and durability.
  • Convenient inseam zipper keeps babies warm and covered.
  • Zipper Lining Prevents any zipper contact with the baby's skin and pinches while dressing or diaper changing.
  • Underfoot Grips Provide sturdy traction for infants learning to walk.