Modern Barn Ellie Ears - Swiss Cross

  • Modern Barn Ellie Ears - Swiss Cross
  • Modern Barn Ellie Ears - Swiss Cross

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Ellie Ears is a positional support pillow for infants and children, Use them with infants in supported seating, baby carriers, on the floor or change pad, for side lying support, and with toddlers - school aged children using supported seating. Ellie Ears are held in place by the child's body weight alone, and rest in the natural empty space at the back of the neck. The thin connector between the pillows will not push babe's head forward, and allows Ellie Ears to be used for body support as well. Pediatric physiotherapists and chiropractors endorse Ellie Ears, as they assist in prevention and treatment of ailments including "flat head syndrom" and tight neck muscles in infants. They provide tremendous support for children with low muscle tone due to conditions such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and SMA, as well as positional support for children in Spica Casts.

These one size fits all pillows can be used in swings, strollers, car seats and even hiking back packs, until they have outgrown the need for a seat with supported backing (ie. stroller or booster seat)

The Ears (pillows) frame babe's head and look like little elephant ears, providing head support and correct cervical spine alignment when in an upright position.